We would like to let you know what the ‘Brace It For Brayden’ Campaign is all about and why we have started this cause. Our son, Brayden Lee Rodgers, was born on August 5, 2008. He was a larger than life, big and beautiful little boy that touched the hearts and lives of so many, both in life and death. He had big blue eyes and a smile that was contagious and made him the spotlight wherever he was.

On  New Year’s Eve, December 31 2011, our beautiful baby boy, a mere 3 years old, was pronounced dead. Earlier that night, he had begun his usual nightly routine, dinner, playing with his toys, settling down, jammies, brushing his teeth, picking a movie, and laying down in bed. Mind you, he was VERY independent, “Mr. I can do it myself”. For a 3 year old, he was considered to be a big boy, weighing 42 pounds & 42 inches tall. After kissing him goodnight as he began to watch his movie, we never knew that would be the last time we would get to spend another waking moment with our son. At some point, he climbed up his dresser to mess with his TV, the dresser and the TV came crashing down on top of him, crushing his skull instantly. This happened in our home, a safe place so we thought. This is incomprehensible to us, our little boy – gone forever, how can this be. We kissed him goodnight, put him off to bed on a day the world was in celebration, anxious to begin a new year and our Brayden would sustain fatal head injuries in the safety and comfort of our own home?

After a few days, we realized that we would not let our son be with God, without continuing to spread his word on this earth in attempt to save the lives of other children in honor of Brayden. He is now our guardian Angel, giving us the much needed courage and strength to raise awareness of the significant dangers lurking in the homes of so many families today. We plan to continue this campaign for many years to come and hope that something good will come from our loss. Brayden gave us so much love and joy and we would like to share it with others.

In our extensive research we have found that these accidents happen far too often. These tragedies are 100% preventable and need to get the attention that we believe they should. This is where we step in, God willing we will never stop this campaign! We have a huge backing from family and friends both far and near; we plan to be Brayden’s voice. Our mission is to keep all children safe from dangers that may be overlooked in homes. We want to spread awareness of the importance bracing large furniture and appliances in homes in order to prevent tip over accidents that may result in severe or fatal injuries.

4 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. I am very sorry the irreparable loss, may God comfort your soul, for your courage; may God increase your strength in this campaign to save little children.

  2. My hands are shaking as I read your story and remember when my son, too, at 3 years old pulled out his dresser drawer to climb up to a higher drawer after I sent him upstairs to find his swimming suit and the dresser and tv came crashing down. For reasons that will be forever unknown we were lucky and he was not crushed but I will never forget hearing the terrible boom and running upstairs to find out what had happened and seeing him standing there screaming in terror. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding us all how quickly tragedy can strike.

  3. Oh sweet beautiful boy, continue to watch over your proud mommy. You are always with her and someday I promise you that you will meet again. You gave your life and in return you are saving others. Oh what a noble little man you are. May God bless you with a warm loving peace now and forever

  4. Thank you for sharing. Although we do not have young children we all have friends and families that do. You story will be shared and we will remember your beloved son Brayden. My prayers are with you and your family always. I am so sad to hear that you lost your son from this tragedy but by you helping others is a selfless act and appreciated. Some day when you meet him
    In heaven you as Brayden’s parents will
    Also have angel wings and you all can protect children together. God bless.

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